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Little But Fierce

an audio production company


Hi, I'm Megan Tusing!

...the CEO and Founder of Little But Fierce Productions®.


I have been a professional storyteller and actor for over fifteen years. I know firsthand the power of the written word and its ability to transform the world.  I also know the magic that happens when words are spoken aloud.  Which is why I created Little But Fierce Productions®.

Little But Fierce Productions® is a heart-centered audio production company that empowers writers to bring their stories from the page to the aural stage.  We believe that your story is unique and deserves to be (literally) heard.  By adding the element of the human voice, your story has the potential to reach a whole new level of artistry and become accessible to an even broader and more dynamic audience.  

Little But Fierce Productions® is a little company that is fiercely passionate about collaboration.  We work with you to create the best product possible in a way that fits your needs.  We treat every project with care and respect because we understand the blood, sweat, and tears that you have put into your story.

Learn more about my narration work by visiting my personal website,

Little But Fierce Productions®

Let's Work Together

Are you curious about bringing your story to audio, but aren't sure where to start? Are you debating questions like whether you should voice your own story or hire a professional Voice Artist? Or if you should self-publish or go the traditional route? And how much will it cost? Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the production process and wish you had a fairy audio-mother to take all of the nitty-gritty admin off your plate? 

Because every project is different, the answers to these questions are just as unique.  But have no fear, Little But Fierce Productions® is here to help!  By looking into the specifics of your project, we can give you the clarity and confidence you need to decide whether this investment is right for you.


And if it is, Little But Fierce Productions® is here to take the reins and guide you through all stages of the audio production process.  We’ll handle everything including project management, casting, audio recording, post-production, and help you with distribution options.  This way you can get back to focusing on what is most important to you. 

Simply click the button to get started on bringing your audiobook to life!

I was so grateful for Megan's prep guidance, every bit of which was incredibly helpful, down to the green apples. It enabled me to walk in knowing what to expect, prepared for what might come up, and very comfortable asking for what I needed to do my best.


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